Greetings from Beijing!

I climbed part of the Great Wall yesterday, how are you?

Wifi is hella weak so I won’t be able to check here often, but I’d love to hear from all of you . Hope you’re all faring well!

Super excited and nervous to take a plane now for the first time in about two decades. I’ll be without internet for a week and a half, after that I might pop in here now and then! But no art or posts probably until I came back!



cute rocks



I’m offended by how perfect this is


Some much better pictures of the terrariums I made yesterday. They’re so much fun to make! Now I just wanna make more….


visiting a friend


visiting a friend


360° degree christmas book by Yusuke Oono

Japanese artist Yusuke Oono has expanded his 360° book project to celebrate the festive season. The three-dimensional panoramic structure references the format of a book and pushes it to become a new, expansive platform for narrative and story telling.

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